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Q: Who is the developer?

Ans: A project managed by Dosaraf Multtibiz Koncep

Q: Is the Land free from any Government acquisition?

Ans: The Landed property is free from every known government land acquisition and no adverse claimant.

Q: What type of infrastructure will the developer provide?

Ans: Perimeter fencing, earth road, transformer and connection to the national grid, boreholes randomly sited.

Q: What other payment do I pay apart from the payment for the Land?

Ans: Bulldozer clearing fee per acre N51,000; Survey/Allocation fee per acre N30,000; Documentation of Land agreement N30,000; Development Levy per Acre per year N30,000

Q: The Development Levy will be used for what?

Ans: Provision of perimeter fencing, security network, etc.

Q: When do I pay for other charges?

Ans: Normally, after allocation of Acres/Plots but within 8 months of allocation otherwise farming or construction work will be stopped. This payment has to be made into our designated bank accounts.

Q: Is there any discount on outright payment and bulk purchase?

Ans: Yes, you can get discount between 5% and 10% for any quantity but this applies only during promo period.

Q: What benefits am I entitled to?

Ans: Access to Agric Cooperative Society, Marketing Support, Access to Individual and Group loan through our cooperative, Access to Investment Farming Option, Access to Training and Extension services, access to farm inputs and machineries.

Q: Can I pay Installmentally?

Ans: Yes, there is installment payment option for 1 acre, ½ acre and 1 plot.

Q: How will increase in price affect subscribers?

Ans: Increase in price will not affect existing subscribers in any way except if they have over stretched their payment period or when they want to subscribe for additional plot(s).

Q: What will happen if I default in my installmental contribution / payments?

Ans: You shall be charged 1% of the property prices in any of the month you default. However, if your default continues till the company increases the price of the property for over five months you shall be buying at the prevailing price.

Q: When will my plots be allocated to me?

Ans: Two weeks after full payment

Q: What do I get after completion of payment for the land?

Ans: Survey and title document i.,e Receipt, land agreement, letter of allocation, survey plans.

Q: Does Dosaraf Multtibiz Koncep have Certificate of Occupancy?

Ans: Dosaraf Multtibiz Koncep initiates the process of getting C of O immediately as parts of the acquisition process of our Farm Estate.

Q: What title will I get eventually?

Ans: Deed of sub-lease/assignment of the unexpired term of 99 years less one day

Q: What happens if I decide to terminate any subscription to the scheme?

Ans: You will get refund of total money paid less 20% administrative expenses / agency fee, 10% legal charges. This will be given after the last period of installmental payment exercise of the scheme subscribed to as this is subject to availability of fund.

Q: Can I start farming or construction on the Land now?

Ans: Yes you can start immediately after full payment of your land, however failure to complete the payment of other dues within the specified time limit of 8 months will lead to stoppage of work or farming activities.

Q: Is there any time limit to commence work on my land after allocation?

Ans: 6 months after allocation for at least crop production activities.

Q: I don’t have any knowledge about Agriculture but I am interested how can I benefit from this?

Ans: Dosaraf Multtibiz Koncep organizes Training and seminar on Agricultural related course and topics on a regular basis to provide people with the basic knowledge and skills to start and become successful, our training and seminars are anchored by seasoned and experienced professionals in the Agriculture industry from private to government.

Q: I don’t have time to stay on the farm because my present work is time consuming and I am interested?

Ans: Dosaraf Multtibiz Koncep offers consultancy services in wide range of Agricultural production and services, we are here to help manage your farm and investment to ensure that you become a successful agropreneur even when your current job is demanding and time consuming.

Q: How do I get skilled labourers to work on my farm?

Ans: We presently have skilled labourers from Nigeria, Togo and Cotonou who are presently working on the farm estate; their workforce will increase as the demand for them increases on the farm estate.

Q: How secured is my investment?

Ans: Dosaraf multtibiz koncep as provided security services for investment on our farm estate and this has been possible with the cooperation and integration of the local vigilante and security agents, this is part of what your development levy provides.

Q: Is there any limit to what I can produce on the farm?

Ans: No, you can engage in Crop production such as Cereals;  Maize, Rice, Sorghum, Millet, Wheat. Root crops; Cassava, Yam, Potato, Cocoa Yam, Ginger. Legumes; Soya beans, Groundnuts, Cowpeas. Vegetables; Water leaf, Bitter leaf, Ugu, Efo, Efirin, etc.

Tree crops; Oil palm, Sugar cane, etc. Fruits; Plantain, Banana, Oranges, Pineapple, Water melon, Lettuce, Onions, Carrots.

Livestock Production such as Poultry (Broilers, Cockerel, Layers, Turkey, etc), Catfish, Sheep and Goat, Cows, Pigs, Rabbit, Grasscutter, etc.

Q: How can I get people to buy what I produce?

Ans: Dosaraf Multtibiz Koncep will link you up with buyers for your farm produce, we also buy farm produce and sell to retailers and consumers.

Q: Which major market is close to the farm estate where I can easily sell my farm produce?

And: There are Six (6) major markets within 20km distance with good road network where you can display and sell your farm produce, they are Koko Market, Owode Market, Idiroko Market, Lusada Market, Oju ore Market and Sango Market.

Q: Can I resell my Land/properties?

Ans: Yes you can, Dosaraf Multtibiz Koncep can buy back plots from the subscriber who has paid for their land as this is subject to cash flow and can assist to get buyer. A charge of 10% agency fee is deducted to purchase price if buyer came through or is linked to Dosaraf Multtibiz Koncep.

Q: How do I start

To get started

  1. Obtain an application form for N3,000 by paying into our designated bank accounts.
  2. Scan your payment deposit slip to us or come to our office with it as evidence of payment.
  3. Once your payment is confirmed you will receive the Application form in your email address or pick it up from our office with your payment receipt.
  4. Submit completed application form to our office or scan it to us via our email address.
  5. Visit the farm site for inspection
  6. Start making payment for your land.

For payment Bank details are




For more information contact the following numbers

07086221295, 08034851495,  08093582213, 07082356734, 08030813823