How To Start Agriculture Business in Nigeria

In Nigeria, we have so many lands that are readily available for agriculture and farming; the wise and smart ones are already securing the lands and making good use of it. Fortunately the Nigerian Government have provided facility for Agricultural business for small and medium scale enterprise where we have so many farmers funding programs in place and entrepreneurship fund raising programs like ‘Youwin” are also helping farmers and new agro business investors to get started and make progress in their fields.

agribusiness investment

The Government understands the fact that you are in need of money to facilitate any kind of farming activity you have chosen; therefore you don’t have to panic we’ve gat your back covered!

Venturing into Agricultural farming and agro based businesses involves a lot of things and in the next few minutes. Some of the Farming Businesses that you can consider now and make good money includes;

  • Pig Farming,
  • Poultry  farming and Egg Production,
  • Sheep and Goat Farming,
  • Dairy Farming,
  • Cattle Farming,
  • Grasscutter farming,
  • Rabbit Farming,
  • Bee Farming,
  • Snail Farming,
  • Fish Farming,
  • Plaintain Farming,
  • Yam Farming,
  • Cassava Farming,
  • Vegetable Farming,
  • Vegetable Oil and Groundnut Oil Production,
  • Palm Kernel Farming,
  • Cashew/ Cashew Nut Farming,
  • Animal Feeds production,
  • Arable Crop Farming,
  • Cash Crop Farming,
  • Local Food Production and export.

The list goes on and on, farming is so lucrative and versatile and it must be handled with care, I must caution you to be careful and specialize so that you can make progress and also get a tangible reward for your investment, you can choose any of the above listed farming practices and get started.

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