Becoming an Entrepreneur is good and it is the right decision in the right direction if it is done holistically. However, there are some things you need to know if you are ready to become an entrepreneur, these are the 5 D’s of Entrepreneurship explained below;



Every good thing starts with a dream the Twin tower, aeroplane, fighter jets, sub marines, sky scrapers, trip to the moon, etc. before you can achieve anything you must have had a dream or a picture of what you want in your mindset (brain).

Rome was not built in a day but the beauty, strength; architecture was conceived in a day. To be an entrepreneur you must first have a dream, a picture of what kind of business you want to do and where you want to see yourself in the nearest future say 5-10 years time.

Organizations like Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Google, Dangote, Glo, MTN, where business ideas that started like a dream and the owners worked to ensure that a dream comes to reality.

Someone once said if your dream is not scary it is not big enough.


For you to become an entrepreneur and be a successful one you must have a burning desire is what keeps your dream alive. The extent of your desire will determine how long or how far you will keep your dream alive.

Whatever business you want to start you must be sure you have a desire for it. Desire also means love and passion, and this is what will keep you going whenever the road is rough and in the midst of challenges. Your desire will always be tested, if you do not have interest or passion the business will fade off and you will lose focus and direction.


Having a dream of a successful business empire or creating a project is first, desire goes a long way in determining the existence and sustainability of the business because decision is what will determine if dream and desire will ever see the light of the day.

Decision goes a long way; you can decide to start something now and become your own boss or decide to continue to fulfill other peoples dream.

Every decision you take during the course of your business will mare or make you, so you must be very sensitive to whatever decision you take as a good decision will surely keep your dream and business alive. A very good entrepreneur must be apt in taken the right decision at the right time, as a right decision taken at a wrong time can throw you off course.


You must be determined to become an entrepreneur, after taken a decision to start your business as an entrepreneur determination to excel and make your dream a reality will grease your passion and desire to succeed.

Every business is surrounded by challenges you have to be determined to continue and excel in the midst of all the challenges. Challenges could come in various ways such as discouragement from friends, family, relatives, even the business itself, finance, etc.

Your determination is what keeps you going to achieve success, as an entrepreneur you must be determined to make it to the top.


Discipline is an art that describes your business. The kind of discipline you enforce in your business will depict the structure you have. Discipline starts from you because you best understand your dream, your business and how you want to position your business to your clients.

You must be disciplined in the following ways;

  1. Time: Time management is very important, the time you open and close for business, keeping up with appointments. If you are going for a business meeting you must be there 5minutes earlier and if you are hosting the meeting your meeting place must be ready 1 hour before the meeting time.
  2. Finance: Discipline in your finance will determine if your business will go bankrupt or not. Mistake most entrepreneurs do is that they don’t separate their personal expenses from their business expenses. For a new business, it may not be easy to separate personal income and expenses from company’s income and expenses especially if you don’t have enough finance to start up with. However, it is essential you separate them as the business grows. You will be surprised that many business owners today don’t separate their personal income and expenses from their business own. I have worked with three people, two of them have a well established business but they spend whatever money that is available and this is bad for business. As an entrepreneur decide to pay yourself salary based on the income of your business by doing this you ill be cutting your clothes according to your material and your business will not go bankrupt because of financial indiscipline.