We use a comprehensive, market systems approach to increase efficiencies along entire value chains—from crop production through processing and marketing. We strive to quickly—and sustainably—improve livelihoods through increases in productivity and profits of smallholder farmers and agribusinesses in Nigeria.

Our interventions minimize market distortions and empower private and public sector stakeholders to act on their own behalf in a lasting and competitive fashion. We build the capacity of local farmers and agribusinesses and enable them to be market-oriented in all that they do. As a result, they can realize new business opportunities, adapt to market shifts, and sustain success. We identify and targets weaknesses in value chain support services, the enabling environment, and infrastructure to increase opportunities and profits for entire regions and subsectors.

Our Agricultural Production Services is divided into Three and it is operational at our Farm

  • Animal Husbandry

We are into rearing of Animals for meat production such as Bird rearing like Layers, Broilers, Cockrels, Turkey for both Meat and Egg production, Catfish production, Sheep and Goats, Grasscutter, etc.

  • Plant Cultivation

At Dosaraf we know the importance of food production, we provide affordable edible food with our advanced mechanised farming and cultivation. Our range of food products are Cassava, Yam, Maize, Vegetables such as Water leaf, Bitter Leaf, Ugu, Efirin, Okro.

  • Farm Produce Export

We are into export of Agricultural products such as Charcoal, Kolanut, Dry Fish, Cocoa, etc.

  • Farm Estate

Victoria Farm Estate is a farm estate we Nigerians are giving the opportunity to engage in Mechanized Agriculture with ease with the aim of feeding the nation and providing food security. For more details about Victoria Farm Estate follow this link.

dry catfish